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Axicon Bar Code Verifiers

Symbologies verified as standard:
RSS, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, ITF14/Case Code, Code 39. Code 128, Codabar, UCC/EAN-128, HIBC, Italian Pharmacode (IMH), CIP39, CIP128, Code Sogec, MSI Plessey, Code 93, etc. 

Optional symbologies


Compliance to standards
Print quality standard: ISO/IEC 15416-1, ANSI X3.182, EN1635. 
Symbology Specification EN797, EN798, EN799, EN800, EN801.
Verifier Conformance Standard ISO/IEC15426-1

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Specifications For the Axicon Series 6000, 6500 and 7000:
ISO/CEN/ANSI verification standard to CEN Class A performance, traditional verification, symbology auto-discrimination, automatic variable aperture, scan storage and replay, various diagnostic screens with remote diagnostics capabilities, static reflectance meter, display of nominal bar width, optional UCC/EAN128 data content check, optional product look-up, optional autosave of all data into a .csv file for statistical analysis (using Excel/Lotus etc.). Calibration data automatically recorded in compliance with ISO9000.Windows tm based program. Latest software updates can be downloaded from with free updates for life. PC compatible running Windows 95 or higher, Mac compatible running OSX 10.2 or higher. Available in 7 languages (English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish), full colour screen graphics.
Axicon 7015 Series hand held verifier for logistics barcodes
CCD trigger operated reading head. Aperture automatically switchable between 10 and 20mil aperture.(1 mil=25 microns) 
Scan width 195mm (including light margin)

Axicon 7015.pdf - tech spec

PC7000 verifier
Axicon 6515 Series hand held verifier for intermediate barcodes
CCD trigger operated reading head. Aperture automatically switchable between 5, 6, 10 and 20mil aperture.(1 mil=25 microns) 
Scan width 125mm (including light margin)

Axicon 6515.pdf - tech. spec.

PC6500 verifier
Axicon 6015 Series hand held verifier for retail barcodes
CCD trigger operated reading head. Aperture automatically switchable between 4, 5, 6,10 and 20mil aperture.(1 mil=25 microns) 
Scan width 72mm (including light margin)

Axicon 6015.pdf - tech. spec.

Axicon 6000W - White light pharmacode verifier
As above, with a white light to verify ®Laetus pharmacode.

Axicon 6000-W.pdf - tech. spec.

PC6000 verifier
About the PC-5000
The PC5000 wand based ISO verifier has now been removed from the product range. 

Axicon Online Verifier
The Axicon On Line verifier is a ISO/ANSI unit which can be integrated in to thermal transfer or ink jet label printers. It is able to operate at label substrate speeds of up to 12.5 cm per second and verify and validate symbols at a rate of up to 2 labels per second. The labels can either be returned to the internal rewinder or reloaded to an external rewinder.

All verification and validation for each code is saved to the PC driving the system. Validation of data includes the validation of UCC/ EAN-128 and many other industry specific data formats. Printable reports can be produced from the stored data and all the screens that are available on our standard units can also be shown. Variable data codes are checked and any missed codes or duplicated codes are reported. Any failure can either stop the printer or give a warning. The Axicon On Line verifier can be removed from the system and used as a conventional static verifier.
Axicon 9025
The latest addition to the Axicon portable range. The Axicon 9025 is based around a pocket PC and provides an extremely flexible and versatile display/collection unit to use in conjunction with your Axicon 6000, 6500 and 7000 for totally portable ISO/CEN/ANSI verification. This lightweight yet robust unit offers a full colour display of the ISO/CEN/ANSI parameters, percentages and grades. All data can be transferred to a PC for further analysis using information stored on the flash memory card supplied.
Dual lithium-ion batteries enable continuous verification for at least 5 hours on a single battery charge.

The Axicon 9025 integrates all the following facilities: Product look-up option and EAN/UCC-128 data content validation.

Axicon-9025.pdf (tech. spec.)

Precision Operation Stand : The Woodpecker 
A precision operation stand available for use in conjunction with the PC-6000, enabling the user to obtain verification consistancy with added user comfort. 

Also available with vernier scale rack. See "Precision Operation Stand" below.

(tech. spec.)

High Precision Operation Stand : The Vernier
A precision operation stand available for use in conjunction with the PC-6000, enabling the user to obtain verification consistancy with added user comfort. The vernier scale rack unit moves the head smoothly and accurately along the symbol enabling a full range of reads to be taken quickly and easily. The movement is manually operated.

This accessory is proving extremely useful in the case of very small codes such as RSS. The verifier head can be placed just below the top, and the top located by scanning until a decode is obtained and then moved by steps as little as 1 mm for multi scan average.





 PC7000 verifier

Why do we think Axicon have the best verifiers?

Here is a list of what we believe are key competitive advantages of the Axicon CCD barcode verifiers and of the Axicon verifier software.

Competitive Advantages of a CCD based verifier


A read-head for every market. All utilising the Axicon software, each read head has been developed as a solution to specific requirements.


PC- 6000 series - Curved mouthpiece is a unique feature. Allowing verification on even the smallest cylindrical products.


PC- 7000 series – 100% accuracy on deeply fluted corrugate. Specifically designed to eliminate the problems of wand based verifiers on corrugate. Front flap ensures ambient light does not become an issue.


PC- 6500 series – 6,10 and 20mil apertures. 5” wide mouthpiece means that this unit is the answer for the on-demand retail supply chain. Covers the majority of EAN-13, UPC, UCC/EAN-128 and ITF barcodes.


Fixed position of CCD array. Ensures that the correct angle of illumination and collection is applied. This is not necessarily the case with either laser and wand based units or even other CCD based verifiers.


Automatic aperture discrimination. Eliminates all possibility of user error. Failure to use the correct aperture will lead to incorrect results. Axicon were the first to introduce this technology and it remains one of the major strengths of the Axicon system.


No damage to symbol. Although the read head is designed to be in contact with the symbol, the CCD technology caused no damage to the image as is often seen with wand-based verifiers.


Eliminates effects of ambient light. It is a requirement of the ISO standard to eliminate all ambient light. The enclosed design of the read head means that only the light supplied by the CCD is captured.


Consistency of readings. The combined results of the above make the Axicon system the most consistent and reliable on the market. A fact confirmed by tests carried out by the UCC.

Competitive Advantages of the Axicon PC Verifier Software


Advantages of using Windows based software


Cost Savings. Utilises processing, printing and display power already available.


Free Software updates. All users of the system are entitled to claim free software updates for life. Additions and improvements to the software are regularly available.


Specification Compliance. As a result of the above, any changes to global specifications are incorporated without delay.


Full Colour Display. The most user-friendly and comprehensive display system on the market. Caters for all levels of barcode knowledge.


Scan File Storage & Replay. Stores not only the final average of scans but also each of the readings that contribute to it (i.e. scan 1of 10, 2of10 etc…). Also allows for results to be e-mailed for remote diagnostics.


Multilingual. Currently available in seven languages. Windows based system means others can be added at any time.


Calibration Logging. All calibration records are automatically logged. The system prompts the user to recalibrate after a designated period. Possibility to lock uncalibrated equipment. Password protected calibration. A vital part of any quality management system. 


Comprehensive list of symbologies and application standards.


Diagnostic facilities. Not only telling the user that their barcode is of an unacceptable standard but also what and where the problem lies.


Impressive list of plug-ins for all sort of barcode data validation and possibility to add new plug-ins via the software updates.


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