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Data Matrix Conformance Test Cards

Data Matrix Conformance Test Cards
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GS1-US 2D Judge™ Certified Data Matrix Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Cards

Ensure NIST-traceable verifier conformance

IT’S A FACT: different 2D verifiers can produce different results for the same 2D symbol. And there’s been no way to know which one was right – or even if either one was accurate.

Now, there is! These Data Matrix test card symbols are precisely engineered to challenge all 2D verifiers for conformance with ISO/IEC 16022, 15415 and 15426-2. Each card is certified by the GS1-US 2D Judge – the ultimate authority on 2D symbol quality.

This is the only official test card developed by GS1-US specifically for 2D verifier conformance testing. For further information, click on About Conformance Test Cards.

Available from PIPS, Inc., the official custodian and operator of the GS1 US 2D Judge and manufacturer of the 2D Judge certified test cards.

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GS1CCS-DM1(for 2D verifier conformance)

  GS1CCS-UPC(for linear verifier conformance)

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