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PIPS,Inc was founded in 1978; and its principals have a 30 year history of involvement in retail/wholesale distribution and industrial product coding, marking, scanning and standards development. PIPS senior managers have authored more than half-a-dozen product and packaging code and symbol specifications and guidelines for various industries. They continue to be active members (and in some cases Committee Chair) of industry bar code forums, including the Automatic Identification Manufacturers (AIMUSA), UCC Industrial & Commercial Advisory Committee (ICAC), the Bar Code Technical Committee of the Health Industry Business Communication Council (HIBCC), the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and the ANSI-ISO JTC1/SC31 charged with establishing international standards for electronic data capture.

The company's founder, George Wright has been involved with both U.P.C. and EAN since their inceptions in 1972 and 1977. He was Consultant to Distribution Codes Institute (DCI), which administered the data base of non-retail manufacturer numbers which merged into the UPC/EAN number structure in 1984 and was the author of the original Industrial Coding Guidelines published by the Uniform Code Council (UCC) at that time. As described in a July 15, 2009 AIM Connections article, "Wright was also instrumental in later convincing EAN to assign 978 as the "country code" for books ("EAN Bookland") which allowed publishers to use their International Standard Book Number (ISBN) within an EAN-13 symbol."

George Wright IV is a “second-generation” bar code expert with nearly 25 years of experience in the field. A tireless supporter of bar code standards development and education in a number of industry sectors, George is a frequent speaker and recognized champion of Auto ID technology. He is a longstanding participant in key healthcare bar code standards development organizations, including GS1 (formerly the Uniform Code Council) and the Health Industry Business Communications Council (HIBCC) Automatic Identification Technical Committee. He recently served as revision editor and sub-group chair for the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) Automatic Identification Work Group, the industry group charged with revising and publishing the 2005 edition of HDMA Guidelines for Bar Coding in the Pharmaceutical Products Supply Chain.
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