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The purchase price for DataVerter is $99. Please fill out the information requested below, including payment information. Once we have received and processed you order, we will email you an activation code which will convert the demo software to a fully functional version. If you haven't yet done so, you should download the demo software. Please note - if you downloaded the Demo, all fields will be completed automatically.

Categories marked with an asterisk '*' must be filled in.

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The information requested below will be helpful in our ongoing efforts better understand the spectrum of these ODBC/data import issues and to provide enhancements to DataVerter. Although only the first two items are mandatory, we ask that you please take a moment to fill in all of the requested data fields.

Label Software Brand*: if other:
Label Software Version*:
Computer O/S:
Excel Version:
Excel ODBC Driver Version:

To determine the version number, go to the Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panels, double-click on the icon for "ODBC Data Sources", then click on the "Drivers" tab, and then scroll down until you see an entry for 'Microsoft Excel Driver

Commercial / Institutional Category*:
Healthcare Provider   Publisher
Medical/Surgical Manufacturer Printer
Retailer Educational
Soft Goods Manufacturer Industrial
Hard Goods Manufacturer Legal, Accounting
Auto ID Reseller Banking, Brokerage, Insurance


To purchase the software with your credit card, please fill out the information requested below. If you wish to make other purchase arrangements, please send email to

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Card Number (no dashes or spaces):

Name as it appears on the credit card:

Please describe any specifics of your ODBC/data import problem that you think may be of interest to us.

If you would like to send us a copy of the Excel file with which you are having ODBC/data import problems, please send it as an attachment addressed to

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